Telecom Billing Procedures

OIT Telecom Services & Billing

Please follow the processes below when you need to:

  • cancel your telecom service

  • change your telecom service

  • request a telecom credit

Cancelling or Requesting a Change in Your Telecom Service

Open a ticket with the OIT Service Desk to request a cancellation or to change a service or piece of equipment. To ensure future billings are accurate, keep track of your ticket number and provide it in any associated billing changes that need to be made.

Please note that canceling a service can take up to 20 business days.

Requesting a Credit

We recommend that you review your monthly telecom bills on a regular basis to ensure all telecom charges are being billed correctly. If there is a discrepancy in the billing, you may request a credit by submitting a ticket to the OIT Service Desk with the following information:

  • An explanation of why the credit should be issued

  • A detailed list of the assets (phone numbers) along with the names of the people assigned to the asset

  • A dollar amount for the requested credit per asset

  • A TEMS report verifying the credit request

  • The ticket numbers of any previous tickets associated with a requested change or cancellation of service

The ticket number is important when researching credits, so please keep track of the ticket number and reference it in all credit request correspondence.

Telecommunications Credit Policy

Customers have 90 days from the date on the original bill to submit a credit request. Requests received after 90 days will not be reviewed as our telecommunications vendor does not issue credits after this time frame.  This is one reason why we recommend you regularly review your monthly bill.

Once your credit request is reviewed, an email will be sent letting you know if the credit will or will not be issued, the dollar amount of the credit, a description of the research that was completed, and a timeframe of when the credit will appear on the next bill.

Each credit request is unique and the amount of research required to verify the credit will vary depending on the request. The OIT Financial Operations and Accounting teams will process each credit request as quickly as possible. If you have received an email telling you that your credit has been approved but that credit does not appear on the next billing cycle, email

Submitting Tickets

There are three ways to submit a ticket to the OIT Service Desk: the self-service Customer Service Portal, email or by phone. You can find the contact information for your agency on our website.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding changing or canceling your telecom service or about a credit request, email the telecom billing team at  

Any change in service or billing still requires a ticket be submitted to the OIT Service Desk along with the Voice Order Service Form