What is a ticket and how do I submit one?
A ticket is a method in which all Telecom change requests are submitted to the OIT Telecom Billing Team. More information can be found under the Useful Links tab. 

Customers must submit a ticket whenever they are requesting a change in services, billing or a credit on a previous telecom bill.  It is important that customers keep track of all their ticket numbers because this is the fastest way for the Telecom Billing Team to search tickets within the system.

Customers will need to provide an explanation of what they are requesting and attach all supporting documentation such as bills, TEMS reports or previously applicable ticket numbers.

The ticket number is assigned when the ticket is submitted. This number is important because it is the fastest way for the OIT Telecom Team to search tickets within the system.

To check the status of your ticket, log in to the Customer Service Portal and find your ticket under "My Requests." Open your ticket and look under the "Logs" tab to see the communication associated with the ticket. This section will detail where the ticket is at in the process and what has been completed to date. 

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An accounting template is the billing coding that connects TEMS to CORE. OIT most commonly enters accounting templates for long distance (LD), equipment (EQ) and audio conferencing (AC) charges. Telecom accounting templates must follow the following format. EGBA- followed by service and agency's abbreviation.

Accounting templates are set up in CORE and TEMS by the OIT Telecom Team. Submit a CA Ticket requesting the set up along with the coding string and the name of the new accounting template. 

The OIT Telecom Team is unable to reset TEMS passwords. On the homepage of the TEMS website, click the “Lost your password?” link. You will receive an email from the vendor, MTS, to reset your password.

TEMS Login Screenshot.JPG

Call the vendor, MTS, to have your account unlocked. The phone number is 1-800-745-8725.

Submit a request for access to TEMS through a CA Ticket. Please include the accounting template(s) you will need to view. The OIT Telecom Team will submit the request. You will receive an email from the system vendor with your username and password and login instructions. 

When troubleshooting TEMS please try the following:
    • Make sure you are using Internet Explorer (IE) not Google Chrome

    • Clear all your cookies and cache

    • Enable pop-ups for TEMS site

TEMS generates charges for long distance usage, equipment leases, deltaport circuits, DSL installs and moves and audio conferencing usage.

Customers typically pull the Chargeback report and the Archived Chargeback report. The Chargeback report will show the charges for the current month. The Archived Chargeback report allows customers to see charges for one month at a time or for a range of months.

For more detail on pulling reports please see the training materials under the Guides and Training Material tab. 

Training materials can be found on the OIT Telecom Site under the Guides and Training Materials tab.


TEMS feeds charges in CORE via an accounting template.

Accounting templates are setup in CORE and TEMS by the OIT Telecom Billing Team. Submit a CA Ticket requesting the set up along with the coding string and the name of the new accounting template.

In Info Advantage run GA-018 Detail Trial Balance using object code 2630.  The GA-018 report can be found at Info Advantage>Public Folders>StateWide Reports>General Accounting>GA-018-Detail Trial Balance through Accounting period. (To make your report easier to read, filter on Closing Classification 10 and 11)

The 1597 account is a clearing (or holding) account used by OIT when accounting templates are setup in TEMS but are not found in CORE.  This account is also used when an agencies chart of account elements are missing or invalid.  OIT charges the agency’s 1597 account.  It is important that agencies be aware that expenses are sitting in a balance sheet account but have to be moved before year end.  Agencies should not wait to clear their 1597 account because often times charges for telecommunications includes multiple phone numbers and multiple pieces of equipment that take time to properly code.

The best way to reconcile the 1597 account is to pull a GA-018 Detail Trial Balance Report in Info Advantage.  Filter on the proper fund, dept, and BSA - 1597.  OIT charges will always have a document ID starting with IET1,EGBA.  

Look up each document ID in CORE.  In the Extended Description line on the header will be the error that caused the transaction to reject in CORE (we explain why the charge went to the balance sheet).  

If the error is due to invalid chart of account elements
  •  Review and correct the error accordingly (i.e. if the error has an inactive program code, then review and activate the code in CORE, or submit a CA ticket or email to the Telecom Team requesting the accounting template be updated with a new code).
For Invalid Accounting Templates, each charge can be reviewed in more detail in TEMS.
  • Log into TEMS.  Then run the State of Colorado Custom Report by date and CORE document ID.  (See the TEMS Custom Report document for further instructions)
  • Once phone numbers have been identified, work with staff at your Agency to validate the phone numbers (if they are active, who is using them, etc.)
  • Once phone numbers and equipment has been validated coding can be assigned.
  • Submit a CA ticket asking that the phone numbers be updated with the proper coding.  Our Telecom team will update the Accounting Template in TEMS and CORE with the proper coding.

Telecom Credits

A billing credit is requested by submitting a CA Ticket through the Service Desk.

OIT can credit back 90 days from the date of the credit request. Please see the Credit Policy Memo under the Billing Policy and Procedures tab on the OIT Telecom site. This will provide a more detailed explanation on credit requests.

Please include the phone number(s) you’re requesting a credit on, the reason for the credit (ex: a number has been disconnected but still being charged), the date range for the credit, and the dollar amount being requested. A report from TEMS is also recommended.

Credits are issued back to customers through TEMS. An email will be sent to the customer that identifies the amount of the credit issued, what phone number the credit will be issued to, and what accounting template will receive the credit.

Credits will show on the next month’s Telecom bill. The credit will show in the “Other Credits and Charges” column in a TEMS report.

Please submit a CA ticket to our Service Desk. In the ticket, our team will need to know what assets do not belong to you and which billing cycles these charges appeared. If you know which agency should be receiving the charges please reference that agency in the CA ticket. 

If possible: attach to the CA ticket a statement from the other agency that they acknowledge this asset belongs to them and have provided an accounting template to re-assign to the assets.

Billing Procedures

The billing cycle for all TEMS telecom charges is the 28th-27th of every month.

OIT maintains an inventory of all telecom assets in TEMS and via an accounting template telecom bills are created in CORE.

OIT’s Telecom Billing team will update the announcement section on the home page of this website. Generally, customers can expect to see their telecom bills around the second week of the month.

Please submit a CA ticket to our Service Desk. In the ticket our team will need to know what assets do not belong to you and which billing cycles these charges appeared. If you know which agency this asset does belong to OIT will need a CA ticket from the other agency stating they acknowledge this asset belongs to them and an accounting template for the billing process.

Other Telecom Related Questions

Not all Colorado State Network (CSN) circuits are billed through TEMS. Metropolitan Optical Ethernet (MOE) and MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits are billed back through Common Policy.

For additional technical advice or explanations please reach out to OIT's Voice Services Team.