Credit Requests

1) Submit a Ticket - Your credit request must come through a ticket submitted to the OIT Service Desk. 

What to include in your request: the phone numbers or equipment you're requesting a credit for • the reason for the credit • the date range (remember OIT is only allowed to credit back 3 months) • TEMS reports, if possible.

Please keep your ticket number that is assigned. The ticket number is the only way for OIT to search the system after the ticket is closed. 

2) OIT Reviews Your Credit Request

The OIT Telecom Billing Team may contact you if there are any questions or if clarification is needed.      

Our goal is to review the request and have it processed in the same month it is submitted. This means your credit would show up on the next month's telecom bill.

The OIT Telecom Team will send out an email once the review has been completed. The email will inform you of the credit amount and the phone numbers and accounting templates to which it will be applied.

3) Credit Issued

The credit will be issued to the accounting template that was charged and it will be assigned to a phone number(s) identified in the credit request. The credit will show in the "Other Credits and Charges" column in your TEMS report.

4) Ticket is Closed

After the credit has been issued the ticket will be closed. If you have questions about your credit after the ticket is closed, OIT will need the ticket number that was assigned when the ticket was submitted.  

Questions regarding credit requests can be directed to 

Any change in service or billing still requires a ticket be submitted to the OIT Service Desk along with the Voice Order Service Form