Telecom Rate Changes

OIT has recently completed work with CenturyLink and MTS, our Telecom Expense
Management System (TEMS) vendor, to update the telecom billing process and ensure we have
an accurate equipment inventory for all agencies. It was identified during this process that
some equipment, and the associated charges, had not been previously assigned to an agency
and therefore had not been billed. Additionally, not all costs were being covered, including
OIT overhead. The new improved billing process will be far more transparent and will bill out
using actual Centurylink invoices, as well as reallocate OIT charges as overhead. It is
anticipated that this will provide you, our customers, far more information including
additional detail on service and cost. The process will incorporate current equipment and
service pricing, existing customer inventory, and OIT telecommunication administrative costs.

Click the following link to read the full memo that was sent out on July 6, 2017. 

Please check back for more information and training coming September 2017.