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A ticket notifies the Telecom Billing Team to make a change in TEMS. Depending on the requested change the ticket should be assigned to a specific group based on the following criteria:

Voice Services 
  • Add a telecom service or equipment
  • Change an existing telecom service or equipment 
  • Cancel a telecom service or equipment
  • Request technical explanations or guidance
Financial Operations
  • Request a telecom credit 
  • Request access to TEMS
  • Inquire about a current service or potential billing change to your service
  • Changes or updates to accounting templates
  • Questions regarding IET1 charges in CORE
  • Questions regarding charges hitting a BSA-1597 account 
A ticket is submitted through the Office of Information Technology Service Desk and can be submitted three different ways:
  • Phone: 303.239.HELP (4357)
  • Email
  • Customer Portal

Visit the OIT Service Desk page for more information regarding the tickets.

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OIT_Telecoms Email

The OIT_Telecombills email is a central location for customers to submit any questions regarding their telecom billing. 
  • This email box is monitored by the OIT Financial Services Telecom Billing Team.
  • Requests to change your telecom service, cancel your telecom service, or request a telecom credit must be submitted through a ticket and not emailed to the Telecom email box.

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TEMS is the system used by the OIT Telecom Team to manage the Telecom assets for agencies and is available to our customers as a resource to manage their telecom charges. 
  • TEMS is a vital tool you can use to view and manage your telecom charges. 
  • It is recommended that you review your monthly telecom bills on a regular basis to ensure all telecom charges are being billed correctly. 
  • Reports can be run with options to drill down to specific phone numbers and employees.
  • Useful information about the reports can be found under the Guides and Training Materials tab. 
Access to TEMS: Submit a ticket through the OIT Service Desk. 
  • You will need to provide the accounting template(s) you want to view. 
  • If you would like access similar to another person in your work group, please provide their name in the ticket. 
  • If you are unsure of your access to TEMS or your accounting template, check with your agency's Budget office or email

Voice Services
Technical questions regarding your telecom assets should be submitted to the OIT Service Desk through a ticket and sent to Voice Services.